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Mar. 31st, 2016 @ 04:46 pm Certified! (Or, Licensed, Part 2)
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Hello, LJ! Yes, I'm still alive. And apparently, so is my account, haha.

How are all of you? Who among you here (in my friendslist I mean) are still active on LJ? What are you all doing now? Do drop me a line, I miss all of you. :)

A lot has happened over the years that I haven't been posting here, mostly because I had been busy with my post-graduate residency training in Pathology. Pathology is a field that not a lot of people are probably aware of, but pathologists are the doctors who work inside the laboratory, reading biopsies, doing autopsies. In short, we are the doctors who can tell you, with certainty (at least most of the time) what kind of illness you really have.

And I have graduated from my training, and also, just recently, was certified as a diplomate in both Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, to which I'm really, really grateful.

So just this quick update, and since I'm currently on a bit of break after all the training and exams, you can expect a few more posts here and there from me from here on. I still owe some people some stories, both fanfiction and original fiction, so watch out for more stuff from me.

And so with that, see you all here again soon!
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