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Breaking the Silence

(Misty's Miscellaneous Rants and Raves Journal)

10 December 1985
About the user

Lucky Chan (a.k.a. Celestine, Leslie, Misty, Megane-chan, etc) is a walking contradiction, in so many ways. She can be girly and boyish, silent and overly talkative, a hopeless romantic and a bitter cynic, a procrastinator and a workaholic, all at the same time.

Even her tastes in men range from the extreme...she only likes two types of male characters in the series she likes, actually: the extremely nice ones, the likes of Kogure Kiminobu from Slam Dunk; and the extremely evil and/or manipulative ones, the likes of Yakushi Kabuto from Naruto, or Kyouya Ohtori from Ouran Koukou Host Club. You may also notice that the characters mentioned all wear glasses: she does, in fact, have a great weakness for men who wear them.

Other less strange, and more consistent things about her: she is a proud Filipino, a writer (only in the sense that she likes to write), an anime/manga fan, a bookworm.

About this journal

This contains random posts about real, but not personal, life; fanfiction and original fiction; reviews on books and TV series; botched attempts at making nice LJ icons/website layouts. Basically, everything, hence the title. ^^

Expect a lot of emoticons, and fangirling. (And commas.)

Feel free to comment on any of the posts, especially the ones about her written works. Feedback, no matter what kind (except that it has to be constructive), is always appreciated. ^___^

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